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Terms of use and Privacy policy

CHALLEDU-inclusion | games | education is a Greek NGO, NPO which pioneers in the research and development in game-solutions for inclusion and education. 

Your privacy is very important for us and we respect it, so we take special care for the protection of your personal data. The following text describes CHALLEDU’s terms of use of website and privacy policy. It describes when and how we collect and edit these data that you provide to us. 

In case you need more information or you want to change the way we contact you please contact us with one of the following ways:

  • Email:
  • tel: (+30) 2111164892
  • Adress: Pytheou 81, 11743, Athens


CHALLEDU, which from now on can be referred as  “CHALLEDU”, “company”, “we”, “ours” “organization”, “our” , “it” was founded in 2016 and operates in accordance with the Greek legal system. The organization is based in Greece, Athens, Street:Pytheou 81, PC:11743, Tax identification number:997293811 , Tax office IZ Athens.

Please read carefully the following terms of use for our website and our privacy policy. 

Terms of use 

 Who have the right to use our website 

Any person, legal  person or association who have the full legal capacity according to the Greek law, have the right to use our website. The use of the website by children under 18 years old is allowed only with the explicit consent of the adults that exercise their custody.  CHALLEDU for any use that don’t meet these requirements


The “visitor” of our website is defined as any internet user who visits the website without taking any action to subscribe to our Newsletter, or contact form or other kind of forms for asking participation in events, programs, games etc. 

The “user” of our website is defined as any user who registers in our Newsletter, contact form or any other kind of forms for asking participation in events, programs, games etc. The user can be any person or legal person or association that has the legal capacity according to the Greek law.

Services and products provided

CHALLEDU is committed to the validity of information displaying in our website regarding the programs, activities, workshops, games, research etc we implement. However we are not bound by any typographical or technical or other mistakes that have inadvertently caused or have not reached our attention. Moreover, we are not responsible for interruptions of the operation of our website due to technical, maintenance or other force majeure reasons. CHALLEDU reserves the right to correct any mistakes and errors any time it becomes aware of their existence. 

Limitation of Liability

CHALLEDU is not responsible if for any reason (system failure, user infrastructure, force majeure, maintenance etc) the access to our website is interrupted.  Our organization reserves the right to suspend the access to the website without any previous notice for maintenance or repair purposes. 

Moreover, CHALLEDU is not guarantee the implementation of all the activities, workshops etc referred in our website, or the free and uninterrupted use of games, applications or other material uploaded in our website.Our organization is not responsible and is not liable for compensation for any damage or loss arising from the cancellation of events, workshops, uninterrupted use of games etc or their delay. 

CHALLEDU is not responsible for any technical problems that might occur to visitors or users, when visiting and using our website.

CHALLEDU provides the content (eg information, photos, videos, etc), the products and services “as they are” and is not responsible for any civil or criminal damage the users or visitors or other person (legal or not) might face related with the use or unsuccessful use and/or visit to our website. Moreover we are not responsible for any civil or criminal damage someone can face due to the interruption, cancellation or delay of our services, activities, products, or due to the unauthorized interference of  any third parties to our services, products, information etc. in our website.

Intellectual property rights

The website is the official website of CHALLEDU.  All the logo, graphics, photos, drawings, pictures, music, text, videos, games, services, products, and generally all the content of the website are intellectual property of CHALLEDU and are protected by the Greek law and the European and international law. Thus it is forbidden by law to copy, reproduce, use, publish, distribute, sell, transfer, publish, download, edit, create an announcement or product that mislead the consumers about the actual provider of the content of our website, services and products.

It is forbidden the use of our content, services and products for any personal or commercial purpose without the prior written permission by CHALLEDU or/and other copyright holder of the above copyrights. 

All logos, images, pictures, graphics, exclusive trademarks, names of programs/ products/ activities of our organization are protected by Greek, European and international law of industrial intellectual property and unfair competition. All names, logos, images, services, products of third parties contracted with our organization are their intellectual property and assets and are also protected by Greek, European and international law. 

Responsibilities of visitor/user

All users or visitors by staying or using or visiting the website unreservedly agree with the terms of use.

All visitors and users agree to use our website and its content in a lawful manner.  It is forbidden to use our website for sending, publishing, or transiting illegal content or material to other people. It is also forbidden to use our website in a way that damage the to our organization, other user or visitor or any other third party. Moreover any action that offends the confidentiality or protected personal data is forbidden. 

It is also forbidden to transit in any way content that users or visitors or third parties have no right to transmit (eg. internal information of the organization, property relation, personal data, etc) or/and content that violates any intellectual property, commercial trademark, copyright etc). It is forbidden to send, publish, send via email, or transmit in any other way hardware or software that includes viruses or codes or files or programs that are designed with the purpose to interrupt, cause damage, destroy, corrupt, or interfere with any operation or software or computer hardware, intentionally or unintentionally and in violation of the Greek law. Finally it is forbidden the collection, storage, edit, transmission, of personal data or other content In case that any of the above happens the organization reserves the right without any prior notice to activate any legal or other means on its behalf or on behalf of the user, visitors or third parties. 

Links to other websites

Our website includes links to other related third party websites. These websites are not subject to control of the organization and consequently CHALLEDU is not responsible of the content or causing of damage might happen by their use or visit. We are also not responsible for the Terms of Use, the Privacy policy, the Content etc of these linked websites nor we declare that we agree with their views, content or policies. 

Privacy policy

CHALLEDU created the website with the sole purpose to present its programs, activities, products, games etc that we develop and implement. 

When you visit the website you don’t have to fill any personal data.  Your privacy is very important for us and we respect it, so we take special care for the protection of your personal data. Our privacy policy explains how we collect, edit and store your personal data. 

Which personal data we collect?

These are the main categories of personal data we collect: 

-name and surname, 

-email address

-home address

-telephone number

-health status (for specific reasons eg. when a program is focus on people with dementia)



-contact info of the company you work for (name, address, telephone number email address) 

-the name of the ISP

-the website from which you visited our website

-the pages in our website you have browsed

-the IP address as well as the date and duration of your visit to our website. 

cookie ID


We reserve the right to use cookies to facilitate operation and navigation in our website. Cookies are small files that are send and stored in the PC or laptop or other device of the visitor or user allowing websites to function smoothly and without technical problems as well as to collect data on frequent users, choices of users/visitors and facilitate their access to them. Cookies don’t cause damages in PC, laptops or other electronic devices, or to the files stored in them. If you don’t want cookies to store the web pages you visit you can block them. You can also specify for which webpages you want to block the cookies. If you block the cookies, you might experience some problems in the information and/or content you browse or you might receive a notice that you should accept cookies in order to view a webpage. 

When do we collect your personal data?

-When you register to our Newsletter

-When you contact us through the contact form on our website. 

-When you register in a program, activity workshop, event, other action of our organization (usually through google forms) 

-When you visit our website we collect and store some data for statistical reason and for improving our website

-When we give you some information about any product or service or other issue after your request. 

-When you “Agree” in google forms or other kinds of forms to contact you for other actions, news, or programs. 

-When you fill specific written forms within the framework of programs, activities, events etc. 

-When you declare that you want to become volunteers in our organization. 

-When you send us your CV for applying for a job position. 

-When you respond to research we implement within the framework of programs or aims of our organization. 

How do we collect your personal data?

We collect your personal data through:

– newsletter registration form

– contact form in our website

– Google forms

– your declaration after phone calls to us

– written forms 

– visit to our website (only specific data)

We do not collect data through games or  applications in Google play.  

Why do we process your personal data?

The purposes of the process of your personal data are:

-For sending you news, information, content about our programs, actions, events, etc 

-For inviting you to participate in our programs, events, actions etc. 

-For informing you about your participation in events or activities etc. (eg. certification, delay of activity, cancellation etc)

-For informing you regarding changes in terms of use, or services or products. 

-For asking you to participate in research or other actions relevant to research (eg. playtesting) we conduct

-For checking the compliance with the terms of use and the proper use of the website. 

-For ensuring that our website operates in the most effective way. 

-For confirming the website’s statistics 

-For evaluating the CV that you send us. After your approval we keep your CV  and personal data for contacting you in case of new job openings. 

-When is required by law

-When it is necessary in order to establish, exercise, defend our right or our legitimate interests

-When it is necessary in order to protect your interests or the interests of any third party


The personal data we collect are used exclusively by CHALLEDU. When you give us your personal data you agree that they will be used for the reasons mentioned above. 

CHALLEDU in no case discloses, assigns, exchanges, grants or give in any other way to your personal data to third parties without your approval. The only exclusion are cases that this is required by law. Only authorized employees and /or associates of the organization can collect, process and store them. 

CHALLEDU has no responsibility in case of illegal use of personal data of third parties/persons from users or visitors. We reserve the right to ask compensation in case of material, financial or other damage visitors, users, third parties or others

 We will do our best to protect your privacy and your personal data. 

Duration of storage of personal data

Your personal data are stored and processed for as long as necessary to fulfill the purpose they are collected. After this moment the files we keep your personal data are erased, destroyed or anonymized. 

Your rights regarding our procedures

You can ask as 

-to have access to a copy of your personal data we keep

-to change any incorrect information

-to delete permanently all information and personal data about you

-to delete from all contact lists you have registered your personal data

-to delete your data from specific contact lists eg. email, sms, phone, newsletter etc.

How can I ask you to change or delete my personal data?

In case you wish one to ask for a change from the ones mentioned in the above paragraph you can contact us through our e-mail: and write us exactly what you want us to change or delete.

Specifically for the Newsletter you can unregister from the mailing list just by clicking the link at the end of the email.

Policy updates

We have updated our Privacy policy taking into account the new requirements of General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR). Our policy will be updated from time to time and will be published in this page. Our Privacy policy and terms of use were last updated in January 2019. 

Pocilies regarding apps and games in Google play

CHALLEDU games and apps comply with all the policies of Google play. More specifically CHALLEDU complies wtih Developer program Policies (Restricted content, Intellectual property, Identify theft, Privacy fraud device abuse, Monetization and advertising, Store listing and promotion, Spam and minimal functionality, Malicius program, MUwS, Family policy requirements, Other programs and Enforcement).

Moreover we ensure that our apps and games are given for free to all and there are no ads in them. 

CHALLEDU reserves the right to modify these terms of use and privacy policy within the legal framework.  


Anything else that is our right and is not mentioned here does not constitute a waiver thereof. The Courts of Athens are designated for resolving any dispute.