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Sustainability as the art of resilience


The project “Sustainability as the art of resilience” aims to promote sustainability and the ‘art’ of resilience. The project focuses on the cognitive learning objectives in relation to recovery and resilience in the cultural and creative sectors as well as the educational one, in relation to the efforts undertaken at global and local level to develop the resilience of human ecosystems and to adapt to the impacts of a changing climate. The journey from art to resilience, both in terms of content and methodologies, is an opportunity to explore arts-based ideas and creative solutions to the problems of our world.

The objectives of the project are to share good practices around themes such as:

  • Knowledge of practicing resilience during widespread crises such as pandemic
  • Methods to strengthen workers’ skills on sustainability, art and resilience
  • Techniques to promote sustainability in the workplace

By the end of the project we aim to have compiled good practices on sustainability through innovative methods linked to art and resilience, which will compile a guidebook freely accessible to the public.


Ten for Sustainability (Italy)