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With a vision of strengthening the term “neighborhood” and the participation of the local community around the Pagkrati’s Park, the “Playing in the Park” aims at small interventions that will give the opportunity to residents, students, parents, immigrants and seniors to interact, co-create, upgrade and create a park of games and joy.

To accomplish the interventions, the institutions that collaborated with the residents are: Challedu, the 7th General High School of Athens and the Parents’ Association of the school.

Interventions include:

  1. Creation of 4 floor games that will be folded-unfolded: the design was done by Challedu and the students should choose and play the games. 
  2. Creation of a space with board games: constructions like tetris pieces that will serve as tables and chairs. Above are designed board games, while marbles or other cheap materials can be used as pawns.The space will be used for other socialization activities (eg discussions, picnics, cooking, etc.).
  3. Creation of “Escape room- Mystery Game” with QR codes that reveals historical information, natural elements of the grove, personalities and projects related to the neighborhood and Pagrati in general (eg Hadjidakis, Gatsos, Moralis, Seferis, Varnalis).
  4. Map of the park at the main entrance.

The aim of all interventions is on the one hand the mobilization and activation of the local community and on the other hand the strengthening of the ties between the different groups that visit the park.

To play the games based on QRcodes click εδώ

To play the game by downloading the app click  εδώ

The action is part of the pilot project POLI² implemented by This is Athens of the municipality of Athens.