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‘PERIEGESIS’ is aiming to promote inclusiveness of Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) people in vaults of cultural treasures; mainly museums, galleries, and similar cultural spaces. ‘PERIEGESIS’, is aiming for an inclusion of the sometimes marginalized group of DHH, by elevating the skills of hearing museum/and or gallery staff such as Docents, Public relations Officers, Museum Shop Managers, Museum Protection Staff, Tour guides and the like, to be able to communicate with DHH.

In a post-COVID19 era all people will long for live human contact. All of us in EU have felt the isolation via the lockdowns and the cut from other human beings. This is the isolation some of our fellows feel as DHH in the society for all of their lives. 

PERIEGESIS is aiming to help adults who already are or intending to work in cultural vaults to communicate via visual language with a very large percentage of humanity which includes DHH people. This will not only benefit DHH but also the upskilling of adult workers or adults who want to develop further skills thus having better chances of finding a work. PERIEGESIS is also aiming to bring closer these cultural places to DHH. If museums are to be made attractive to a special target group, this means creating new groups of visitors, and thereby generating more income and more publicity. It is widely accepted that language (in any form -visual or oral) is one of the most important instruments to communicate ideas and feelings.

Intellectual Outputs:

  • PERIEGESIS Compendium”, a comprehensive guide to be used as an introduction and as the theoretical framework, for the rest of the outputs translated to five languages
  • Museum Learning Directory as a thesaurus of main phrases and dialogues on which the training videos and lesson plans will be based.
  • Learning Video directory for museum staff” for learning the base of National Sign language, which are deemed useful/ applicable for the field of museum and galleries, but also other tourism industries, such as monumental and cultural places, theaters, restaurants, cafeterias, other touristic attractions etc;
  • Lesson plans for DHH inclusion in museums” useful for formal or informal training/ workshop undertaken to elevate the museum staff skills through the museum themselves, or sign language centers or universities etc and;
  • Digital Serious Game” as a fun and interactive way to motivate adults who work for museums, galleries or any relevant tourism sector, whilst simultaneously either strengthening their skills or developing new ones concerning accessible tourism.

The following organizations are involved in the project: 




This project  has been co-funded by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union

Project Number: 2020-1-FR01-KA227-ADU-095076