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Challedu- inclusion | games | education, wanted to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the elderly people living in care units, thus created the intergenerational program “Mystery in the nursing home”.

The purpose of the innovative program is the intergenerational interaction between the elderly in the care units with students of primary and secondary schools as well as the young. The ultimate aim is the improvement of the quality of life of the elderly and their integration with other social groups through an activity that will all enjoy and will offer the elderly a way out of social activation,expression, employment, development of self-esteem and their skills as well as strengthening interpersonal relationships.

The aim of the innovative intergenerational program is to entertain and activate elderly living in nursing homes ‘’The good Samaritan’’, “Lady of Mercy”, “Meropeion Institution” , “Social Care of Moschato” and students of primary and secondary education, through an exciting mystery- escape room game where the elderly as co-creators (through their stories) and participants in the implementation of the action will reveal to the students the mystery story based on their memories. The student-players will be asked to solve puzzles, find objects and overcome all the “obstacles” that appear in the story, until they find the solution of the mystery.


A. The elderly:

  • lived a unique experience of interaction with the younger generations
  • were entertained
  • were activated
  • felt useful
  • felt emotional support 

Β.The students :

  • lived a unique adventure
  • gained an incentive to visit nursing homes
  • learned about history 
  • interacted with the elderly
  • redefined the concept of nursing home
  • learned about occupations related to elderly

Measurable Results:

  • Creation of 4 mystery games based on the memories of the elderly in the four nursing homes  “The good Samaritan- The golden ghosts” ,“Lady of Mercy- The guilty images”, “Meropeion Institution- The invisible traces ” and “Social Care of Moschato- The talented”.
  • Creation of a guide for the program
  • Creation of mechanics-platform for the design of similar games
  • Participation of 138 elderly people living in nursing homes, in collecting memories workshops and mystery game workshops
  • Participation of 1586 primary and secondary school students in the mystery game workshops
  • Participation of 106 teachers in the mystery game workshops
  • 88 hours of memory collection workshops
  • 150 hours of mystery game workshops and interaction of elderly with primary and secondary school students