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The “MOMentum” project is based on the values of gender equality and more specifically on the participation of mothers in the field of innovative and social entrepreneurship and on equal opportunities for mothers to access Vocational Education and Training.

Both the relevant Eurostat report (2019) and the Women’s Economic Empowerment report (2016) provide strong evidence that demonstrates without a doubt that there are significantly fewer female-owned businesses than those with male owners, the businesses they run are smaller in size and have less access to financial resources.

According to available EU data, in 2017, the employment rate of women with children aged 6 years or younger was 64.6% in the EU, compared to 79% of women without children. Despite strong legislation and in some cases increased organisational benefits, one in three women find it difficult to return to work after maternity leave (Morris, 2008).

The objectives of the project are:

  • promoting economic, social and gender equality in entrepreneurship
  • access for women to VET (Vocational Education and Training) to train them in entrepreneurship
  • psychological encouragement for women that they can successfully combine motherhood with a successful career
  • highlighting the importance of work and innovation for the psychological, emotional, cultural, cultural, social balance and well-being of mothers
  • empowering women through appropriate role models.
  • combating stereotypes against women returning to work after giving birth
  • cultivating relevant skills in women
  • providing innovative tools for VET trainers/trainers

Intellectual outputs:

  • Game-based methodology based on model-based training: it will describe the innovative methodology of VET training through game-based tools and models to emulate for entrepreneurship in mothers
  • A collection of model-based education tools: educational materials and a toolbox of activities on model-based education inspired by everyday life as well as activities to motivate mothers to engage in entrepreneurship
  • A toolkit on entrepreneurship education: Educational materials and toolkit of activities on entrepreneurship education and understanding of legislation, entrepreneurial mindset and skills for mothers to pursue a career in innovative entrepreneurship.
  • MOMentum app: an educational app that will include material developed through the above-mentioned outputs in a playful way and allowing easy access to all target groups, especially mothers. 

The following organisations are participating in the project:

The coordinator:

  •  IRR (Czech Republic)


  • Citizens in Power (Cyprus)
  • ASSO (Italy)
  • Challedu (Greece)
  • Inpla (Estonia) 

The MOMentum project is co-funded by the European Commission, with proposal number 2021-1-CZ01-KA220-VET-000033084.

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