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The “ID GAMES” project is based on the belief that each person should be given the chance to be accepted, valued and have equal opportunities to develop their skills and personality.

Among those groups are people assessed with Intellectual Disability (ID) who may be excluded in mainstream community activities due to social challenges they encounter. Intellectual Disability (ID) is a developmental disorder that affects the adaptive behavior and intellectual functioning of a person, (AAIDD, 2013). People with ID (pwID) face major limitations in conceptual skills, social skills and practical skills. Serious games (physical and/or digital ones) are a well-known non pharmaceutical practice for pwID because they offer a pressure-free environment of experimentation as well as better capture of attention.

Traditional games often do not apply to people cognitively challenged, and lead them to lose interest quicker and more easily.

ID GAMES aims to:

  • Promote social inclusion of pwID by involving them in participatory game design workshop
  • Design serious games that empower various types of skills (conceptual, social, practical) of pwID
  • Advance the skills of trainers, educators, caregivers, healthcare and other relevant professionals addressing pwID
  • Empower the organizations working with pwID or advocate the rights of pwID

Intellectual Outputs:

  • Methodological Guide. Guide’ s objective is to create the guidelines for organizing and creating games and workshops for pwID. Developing an innovative methodology of participatory living labs for inclusion where pwID, their carers, their trainers, healthcare professionals, game-designers/developers, university students from related disciplines, people from local communities, volunteers, form mixed teams and design ideas-prototypes of serious games addressing the needs of pwID.
  • Serious Games. Developing 6 serious games (digital, physical, phydital) that adapt to the ages, interests and needs of pwID. The goal of this output is not only to create games addressing specific abilities of pwID – conceptual skills, social skills and practical skills but also to design the initial idea. 
  • E-Platform with E-Course. The e-platform with the e-course will be the culmination of the project’s efforts.Creating an E-Course for strengthening the competences of trainers of pwID, relevant professionals, caregivers and organizations addressing pwID on how to organize and implement participatory game-creation workshops and how to use the serious games and developing an E-Platform with all the material of the project for sharing its results to a larger audience within Europe and worldwide and promoting inclusion and skills development of pwID and their carers and trainers.

The following organizations are involved in the project: 


  • CHALLEDU- inclusion | games | education (Greece)


  • Specjalny Osrodek Szkolno – Wychowawczy Nr 1 (POLAND) 
  • Lusófona University (PORTUGAL).

On the website of the project ID GAMES ( you will find news, activities, program results and updates, such as reports, event announcements, workshops and training sessions.

This project  has been co-funded by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union

Project Number: 2019-1-EL01-KA204 062517

For more information you can contact us at