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Our proposal, HOPE , focuses on the root causes of social exclusion of marginalized people and people from disadvantaged backgrounds in North Macedonia, Greece and Italy and provides real help for their social inclusion in society based on their own creativity. It particularly discusses the needs of people facing factors of absolute exclusion, such as homelessness.

The ERASMUS+ programme provides an opportunity to exchange good practices between relevant organizations active in this field in all 3 partner countries.

The main objective of the HOPE project is to support marginalized people and people from disadvantaged backgrounds who want to challenge their current social and material situation and increase opportunities for sustainable reintegration in all areas of social life.

HOPE focuses on marginalized people (homeless, social care recipients, migrants, people with fewer opportunities from rural areas, disadvantaged people) and aims to give them real opportunity for social inclusion based on their own potential. Training adults for this objective will lead the development of their artistic skills so that they can make marketable products and thus become self-sufficient. The social entrepreneurship dimension is an added value of the HOPE project as it ensures the sustainability of the results. The main result of HOPE’s activities is that people with exceptional barriers (economic, social, ethnic, etc.) are able to overcome them and participate in and benefit from organized society.

The following organizations are involved in the project

The coordinator:

Zdruzenie na gragjani za socijalen i ekonomski razvoj IN VIVO Skopje (North Macedonia)


  • Association for promotion of development processes PRO LOCAL Bitola (North Macedonia)
  • Challedu (Greece)

The project is co-funded by the European Commission under proposal number KA227-FCE7393F