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The main expected outcome of the Eu@school project is the creation of a set of tools to promote European citizenship education at school and to support teachers to become key drivers in this process. To create a fertile ground for increasing interest in introducing education about the European Union in a more solid way in schools, with the aim of motivating students to become aware of the EU context, its rights, and common values.

Specific objectives of the project are a) to empower teachers on issues related to education about the European Union and culture b) to introduce students to the basic values, history, people, institutions and processes of Europe c) to introduce new methods and tools in education (online education platform – 8 games).


  • E-learning EU@SCHOOL. It is addressed to teachers and includes material to empower them in education on the following topics: History of the European Union, European Union institutions and decision-making process, Policies of the European Union, The European Union funding system, EU values, EU citizenship, society and multilingualism

  • Educational material. The material consists of:
    • 4 escape room games 
    • 4 card and board games

The games are designed to familiarise students with the above topics in relation to the European Union and European culture and values. Also through the games they will learn about conditions and personalities that played a catalytic role in the creation of the United Europe.

  • Lesson plans. Ready-to-use lesson plans on the above themes, ready for implementation in the classroom at various levels. The plans link the games to a wider classroom lesson context.

The following organisations are involved in the project:

The coordinator:



Project website:

The project is co-funded by the European Commission, under proposal number KA220-SCH-1DC3F2B5