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The CodER project will enable youth workers to acquire basic knowledge in coding and microcontrollers and then transfer this knowledge to young people through non-formal education and the use of innovative methods such as the creation of Escape Rooms. It is proven that escape rooms create new learning environments and help young people to cultivate knowledge and skills more effectively. 

CodER also aims to tackle youth unemployment by providing young people to training relevant to the needs of the labour market. Basic coding knowledge is a skill required in every scientific discipline nowadays, from social sciences to business and entrepreneurship. The aim is to use Escape Rooms appropriately to have a positive impact on young people’s learning about coding and microcontroller. The point is to transform Escape Rooms into effective and efficient educational tools, which will take into account the results of existing research but at the same time use various modern digital tools, such as online courses and interactive platforms, digital game processes, digital media, VR elements, apps, QR codes, etc.

Sub-objectives of the project are: (a) to increase the knowledge of youth trainers about coding and microcontrollers (b) to align the learning objectives with the needs of the labour market (c) to increase the knowledge of youth organisations about different scenarios that could teach young people coding and microcontrollers, d) to provide youth organisations around the world with a very useful tool which will help to increase the level of knowledge of their beneficiaries in coding and microcontrollers (Digital Escape Room Creation Platform).

Intellectual Ouputs: 

– A Digital Learning Platform for Basic Coding and Microcontrollers

– A Methodological and Educational Guide for the use of Escape Rooms as educational tools

– A Handbook of Escape Rooms scenarios, including programming puzzles and microcontrollers

– A Digital Escape Room Creation Platform, which will enable the design and use of customised Escape Rooms

The following organisations are participating in the project:

The coordinator:




RITE Research Institute for Technological Evolution (Cyprus)


Kalimera, obrt za usluge (Croatia)

Learn more about the project on the project website, on the instagram page and on  facebook

The project is co-funded by the European Commission, under proposal number KA220-YOU-00070218