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The “ATOM – Supporting Social Inclusion of Young People” project aims to promote social inclusion and diversity by fostering intercultural, social and critical thinking skills of young people through an interactive and innovative methodology designed to reduce obstacles for disadvantaged young people and create new opportunities at local and EU level. ATOM supports actions to increase quality innovation and recognition of youth work by providing opportunities and tools to reach marginalised young people.

The ATOM project implements:

  • ATOM training opportunities for youth workers to improve their competence and knowledge by using the VIBES approach
  • ATOM workshop for Young People to proof the effectiveness of the methods and the tools designed
  • Organisation of 3 ATOM events in Italy, Greece and Lithuania to support the ATOM communities and spreading the project message of social inclusion for all.

Intellectual Outputs:

  • The ATOM Booklet for Youth worker designed and launched at disposal of youth workers across the EU, a tool validated and co-designed with professionals
  • The creation of 3 ATOM communities in the EU to support long-term actions between youth workers and young people
  • +60 young people with disadvantaged background will be reached and involved in project activities
  • +30 youth workers will be involved in a co-design multilevel process.

The following organisations are involved in the project:




Menas ir inovacijos (ART + INN) (Lithuania)
Challedu (Greece)

This project has been co-funded by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union

Project Number: 2022-3-IT03-KA210-YOU-000094011

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