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The Regional Unit of Evia, Challedu AMKE- inclusion | games | education and the Special Kindergarten of Chalkida, co-organized on 2-4 November 2018, the 1st ABI GAMES FESTIVAL- σχεδιάΖΟΥΜΕ και παίΖΟΥΜΕ in the Autism Spectrum, a unique three-day game development festival for children with autism.

Professional game designers, special educators, psychologists, occupational therapists, parents of children with autism and students cooperated to create games that enhance children’s skills and help them integrate into society. The main objectives were:

  • Children with autism aged 4-18 years old  to interact with pupils, university students, parents, professionals, game-designers and local community in a pleasant environment created by the game by strengthening their social skills.
  • Pupils, university students, local community and game-designers will be informed about autism, to become aware and to get acquainted with practical outlets.

More than 150 participants said they were excited and happy playing with the children. The children’s parents felt happiness as they found themselves in a community of people embracing them and their children. During the festival we created 12 new games (2 space, 3 digital and 7 board) that excited the children and the special educators as each of the games  refers to the development of specific skills of children. The participation was higher than expected and the overall evaluation of the participants signifies the great success of the event and the need for its continuation and repetition.

For more information you can contact with Asimina Brouzou from Challedu- inclusion | games | education,, +306947812734